ALL NATURAL - All natural means that our cattle never receive growth hormones or antibiotics added to the feed. Our cattle are fed all natural pasture and hays. The customer is guaranteed beef that is safe and chemical free.

DRY AGING � Promotes tenderness and flavor. The proof is in the rich flavor and tenderness of our dry aged beef. Large scale commercial meat packers can�t compare because they operate at such a volume without available meat locker space for the aging process � their meat never reaches the potential of flavor and tenderness of our beef. Dry--aged beef is usually only available at the finest restaurants in the big cities accompanied by a big city price.

YEARLING BEEF - We focus on quality of tenderness and taste by processing our cattle at a younger age and lighter weights. The commercial market demands heavier carcass weights to satisfy the packer plants, quality is compromised for quantity. Our focus is on producing a consistent quality product every time.

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Pasture Raised & hay Fed

Our Cattle are born on pasture and grow big and strong on the mothers milk before eating a diet of grass and hay.